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A Quick Alternative to Taking Pictures of All Your Menu Items

Taking photos of every item in your menu can be time-consuming, so we came up with a quick solution for you

As you know, one of the most important things to boost your sales is having great, high-quality pictures of your plates. That's a task that demands its share of time and effort though. If you either lost previous pictures or the ones you have don't look very tempting and you don't have time to take new ones, no worries! We can set you up with a series of illustrations to add to your menu items while you gather the time and resources to take new shots!

Whatever your ideal menu looks like, we'll help you get there!

Our Design Team has crafted a pack of 110 illustrations for you to pick the ones that are best suited for your food items. Take a look at some examples:  

food illustrations

Cute, aren't they? If you can't find the exact clip art you need, let us know. We can make new ones or make little tweaks to existing ones to adapt to your unique menu for a small fee. Go right to the chat bubble to learn more!