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How to Connect Dine.Direct's Menu to Your Webpage

You can add a button that redirects your customers to Dine.Direct's menu for your restaurant

Learn how to add a button with your own branding, avatar, or whatever you want it to say (click here for pickup and delivery for example) to your restaurant's webpage.

The first thing you need to know is that it's not really a button perse. It's an image with a link on it. Depending on the platform you use to manage your website the process is a bit different. 

We recommend you ask the person that made this website to do this for you.

Now, let's get on it!


  1. On your Wix Dashboard click on Edit Site located on the left sidebar.
  2. On the landing page upload the image of the "button". Drag it around until you find the spot for it.
  3. Then, select the image to see the tools.
  4. Click on the link icon.
  5. Select the website link and copy your Dine.Direct menu link.
  6. Click open in a new tab and save.


  1. On your Bentobox Home, go to pages. Click home.
  2. Go to landing content and edit it.
  3. On the Text box, align the paragraph to the center. Now add the image our Graphic Design Team made for your restaurant.
  4. After it's loaded, click on the image and it will show different tools. Choose the option to add a hyperlink.
  5. Select the "open in a new tab" box. Save the changes and you're ready to go. 


  1. After logging on your account go to pages and on the landing page, click edit on the top left corner.
  2. Click edit on the site header.
  3. A sidebar will appear to the right. Find the Elements section and click on it.
  4. Activate the button slider and add your online menu link.
  5. To add the image, click on the wheel icon.
  6. On the pop-up window go to File and upload the image there.

WordPress (using the Elementor plugin)

  1. On the WordPress Admin site, go to pages.
  2. Then select the Home page and click Edit with Elementor.
  3. If the image is going to be on the Header, select the Image on the left sidebar and drag it to the Header.
  4. Then select and insert the image you want.
  5. On the left sidebar go to Link and select Custom URL and copy your restaurant's online menu link.
  6. If you want to create a new block, click the plus icon on top of the section you want it. On the new block select one column, drag the image, and edit the image to add the link. 

If you use other plugins with WordPress, contact us to learn how to add the image since it's a different process than with the Elementor plugin. 

Here's an example of how will the button will look on your website.