Where to Start With My Dine.Direct Restaurant's Profile

Set up your restaurant basic info in the Client Settings tab to get it up and running.

On your restaurant's Restaurant Management Dashboard, go to Client Settings in the sidebar to the left. After that, click on More > Restaurant Info:

Now fill these input fields:

  1. Check that your restaurant’s Name, Phone Number, and Address are correct.
  2. The Default Image View option lets you choose how your menu items are going to be displayed to your guests. Use the drop-down list to toggle between each:
    • Use Big Picture to use large food items photos with swipe right/left actions to browse between options.
    • Use Small Picture to use small food items photos and view the menu as a simple scroll-down list.
  3. On Client Time Zone, choose the time zone in which the Restaurant is located. In this case, choose “Pacific Standard Time”. 
  4. Choose the language you want to see on your online menu.
  5. Choose the currency to receive your payments.
  6. If you desire, you can add a minimum delivery order amount to make sure you don't get small orders. 
  7. Click on the Save Details button at the lower right corner of the page:

    Choosing Pick Up Options

    You can now adjust the pickup settings to either DrivingWalking, or Both.  This setting will allow you to change what is seen at the bottom of the Public Site where the customer enters their name and phone number. If you select Driving, there will be boxes where your guests can enter their vehicle information as well. If they select Walking, there will only be boxes for their personal info. You can also select both of these options and in that case, two tabs will appear for your guests to choose from. 

    What about the other fields like Kitchen Load Per Minute and those other parameters?

    Read the article How to set up your kitchen, loads, and times, where we explain those fields in full detail.

We're so happy you're working with us! You've completed some of the basic information to get you started. Now go to this article to learn how to set your restaurant's colors