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Dine.Direct Playbook to Boost Your Sales

Let us suggest a few things you could do to reach more clients and grow your business!

Here are some tips to help you improve your sales and online presence:

  1. If someone calls wanting to order food: go to your Restaurant Management Dashboard, Order Management, click/tap on the phone order button located on the top right side, and ask the customer for their phone number. They will receive an SMS with a link to your online menu. Another way to accomplish this is to push them to your website (if you have one) and tell them to click the button we made for you.  


  2. If someone calls your restaurant, tell them about this new platform you have that allows them to place orders online, also tell them they can find the link attached to your Facebook or/and Instagram account, or even in Google.  

  3. If you have social media accounts (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Linkedin): add your online menu link in every post to tell your customers about the new pickup/delivery system. 

    Captura de Pantalla 2021-02-16 a la(s) 12.16.21

  4. If you have a link in your IG account already, you can use a platform called Linktree to add a second link. Read our article about it here. Also, please make sure that you are active on them (by posting at least once a week), that you answer direct messages and that all your information (name, address, open hours, phone number) is up to date. 


  5. If you have a website, add a button to redirect your traffic to your new system! Our graphics team can create it for you, it could say “Click here for online ordering" or "Click here for Delivery/pickup”


  6. In our latest releases, we added a feature that allows you to know when a customer is a first-time buyer using the platform. On your Restaurant Dashboard, go to Order Management. On every order you get, you'll see a crown icon beside the customer's name, this means it's their first order. In case they have used the system more than once, you'll see the number of orders they have made. This will let you give new customers something for free, a little gift that you could promote on your social media: “order now in our online menu and get a bag of chips for free on your first order”. 

    first order from client

  7. Make sure your business is listed on Google Maps. If it’s already there, claim it as yours. If not, add it. And always make sure the information is updated, pictures are appealing, and try to respond to reviews; even the negative ones.   Don’t forget to add the Easy Order button to your website.  

    google maps

  8. You don't have a credit or debit card terminal in your restaurant? Make it easier for your customers to order by adding a "Start Order" button to your Facebook page. All you have to do is go to your fan page and edit the button on the right (it might say something different before you pick the start order choice). 

    edit start order

    After you click on "Edit Button" this pop-up window will show up. Select the Start Order choice.

    start order button fb

    There, you'll be able to copy the link to your online menu.

    add link to online menu

    Here's a video that can help you understand this better:

    ENG - Facebook

Remember that we are here to help and you can ask for a call with our Marketing and                                                          Graphics Team to help your business thrive!