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Does Dine.Direct Integrate With My POS?

At the moment, we do not integrate with POS systems. However, you can get daily sales data manually by using our Reports.

If you are looking for your restaurant's information on tips, taxes, and order totals for each day you will need to do this manually on the Reports tab in your Restaurant Management Dashboard.

  1. Go to your Restaurant Dashboard, go to Reports. Click on the black zigzag iconreports1 to the right of Sales per Day, under the Actions column.
  2. The Sales per Day Report shows the tip, tax, and order total of every order for each day. Reports are organized by groups, showing total figures by order type (delivery or pickup) and a total for the day.

    Deliveries are also grouped by the assigned driver. Also, each order has the total amount of the product type ordered (food, beer, non-alcoholic drinks, wine, spirits). 

    Sales per day deivery and pickup product type EDIT
    At the end of the report, there is a total for the whole selected date range. You can input these figures into your POS.

    Sales per Day Grand Totals
  3. For more information on Reports, please click here.