Enabling Switches in Client Settings

Learn how to use each of the switches to maximize your restaurant's productivity

  1. To find these buttons go to your Restaurant Management Dashboard > Client Settings > More > Restaurant Info:

  2. This will open your restaurant's general information as well as the services you offer. 

  3. At the bottom of the page, you will find the switches to enable or disable as you like:



    1. Guest chat: When you receive an order you can give your customers the option to start a conversation with you. You can find this chat in the Order Details screen in the Order Management board. If you don’t want to receive messages from your customers using the conversation feature, you can disable this switch. 

    2. Menu Format Change: if this switch is turned on your customers will be able to change the Default Image View you selected and alternate between Small and Big Picture modes. If it’s disabled, they won't be able to change the default setting.

    3. Show Tax: You can enable showing your item taxes on the Easy Order menu. Note that taxes are always calculated whether you choose to show them or not.

    4. Auto Print: This switch lets you activate automatic printing on your printer. If you deactivate it you will have to print each receipt manually.  

    5. Pre Order: You can allow your customers to order in advance. You can learn more about this feature by clicking here. 

    6. Red Alert Constant Beeping: When an order it’s late you will receive various visual and sound alerts in two different color codes. The first it’s going to be yellow (the order is 3 minutes late) and the second one will be red (the order is 5 minutes late). If you enable this toggle, you will receive a constant beeping + vibration notification when any order gets to the red alert status.

      • This feature is only available when managing orders in our Management Dashboard mobile app for Android. Click here to download it.

    7. Live Restaurant: If you manage more than one store, you can turn on this switch to view orders from the current restaurant in the Order Monitor screen. If you only operate a single restaurant, you can skip this switch. Learn more in this article: Order Monitor Screen

    After you’ve customized your switches don’t forget to save details at the bottom left.