Epson TM-T88VI - Basic Printer Troubleshooting

Before trying out more complex and time-consuming solutions, start with this troubleshooting guide.


  1. Physical buttons and parts
    1. Front panel
    2. Back connectors
  2. Error lights
  3. Installing roll paper
  4. Clearing paper jams
  5. Printing a network status page

    Physical buttons and parts - Epson TM-T88VI

    Front panel


    1 NFC Tag A mark is printed here to indicate the position of the NFC tag. To establish communication with an NFC device, bring the device close to this mark
    2 Roll paper cover Open this cover to install/replace the roll paper.
    3 Manual cutter Use this cutter when you cut the roll paper manually.
    4 Cutter cover Open this cover to unlock the autocutter blade when the roll paper cover does not open due to a paper jam.
    5 powert88 Power switch

    Turns the printer on or off.

    6 Power switch cover Install the power switch cover onto the printer to prevent inadvertent changing of the power switch, to prevent tampering, and to improve the appearance of the printer.
    To operate the power switch, insert an object with a pointed tip such as a ballpoint pen into the hole on the power switch cover.
    7 Connector cover Use the printer with this cover attached to protect cables.
    8 Cover open button Use this button to open the roll paper cover.
    9   Feed t88  Feed button Pressing this button once feeds roll paper for one line. Hold down this button to continue feeding roll paper.
    10 LED Panel

    Powerledt88 Power LED: Turns on when the printer is on. 

     errorledt88  Error LED: 

    Flashing: Flashes when an error occurs. 

    Lights: After the power is turned on or after a reset.

     paperledt88 Paper LED:  On indicates the roll paper is out.

    11 Dip switch cover Open the cover to view the dip switches for communication settings.


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    Back connectors 


    1 Drawer kick connector Connects the cash drawer or the optional external buzzer
    2 Ethernet connector Connects the 10BASE-T/100BASE-TX ethernet cable.
    3 Serial interface Connects the serial cable for connecting to a computer.
    4 Parallel interface Connects the parallel cable for connecting to a computer.
    5 USB Plus Power Interface Connects the USB Plus Power cable for connecting to a computer.
    6 Power supply connector Connect the AC adapter.
    7 USB connector Use only for connecting optional Wireless LAN unit and customer display.
    8 USB connector
    (Type B)
    Connects the USB cable for connecting to a computer.

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    Error lights - Epson TM-T88VI

    • No lights at all on the LED Panel
      • Check whether the power supply cable is correctly connected to the printer and the socket.
    • Power LED is flashing
      • The  Power LED flashes during the network startup when the printer is turned on, or the firmware is updating. You cannot print while updating.
    • Error LED is on
      • Check whether the roll paper cover is closed.
      • Check if a paper jam has occurred or a foreign substance has entered the auto-cutter. Go here to learn how to fix paper jams.
      • The thermal head and its surroundings can be very hot. Printing stops if this is too hot. Printing starts again automatically when the thermal head temperature falls.
    • Paper LED is on
    • Error LED is flashing
      • Turn the printer off, and after 10 seconds, turn it back on. If the Error LED is still turned on after doing this, a malfunction may have occurred. Contact us and we'll get in touch with an Epson service center.

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      Installing roll paper correctly - Epson TM-T88VI


      1. Open the roll paper cover.
      2. Remove the used paper core if any.
      3. Install the new roll paper in the correct direction as shown:
      4. Pull out some paper, and close the roll paper cover. When the printer power is on, the roll paper is automatically cut.
      5. Tear off the paper. Done!
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      Clearing paper jams - Epson TM-T88VI

      Caution: Never pull out the paper forcibly! And do not touch the thermal head, it can be very hot after printing.

      •  Turn off the printer. Open the roll paper cover and carefully remove the jammed paper. Make sure there are no little pieces of paper left over.


      • Close the covers.

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      Printing a network status page - Epson TM-88VI 

      This is a test page where you can find your printer IP address and other important network parameters. These instructions are valid for all Epson printers compatible with Dine.Direct.

      1. Check that the printer is powered on.
      2. Open the roll paper cover.
      3. Hold down the Feed button for at least 1 second.
      4. Close the roll paper cover again.
      5. Done! The network status sheet will be printed out.

      This is how the network status sheet will look like: (Keep in mind some minor variations between models is expected)     

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