General Walkthrough of the Restaurant Management Dashboard

First things you'll see when you login into your restaurant's management site

In the Restaurant Management Dashboard, you'll be able to set up all the details about your delivery system, menu, schedule hours, as well as manage your orders. Let’s take a quick look at all the options available. 
  1. Let’s start with the Public Site, this is what guests will see when ordering. It includes the online menu and the ordering system. It can be changed depending on how the Restaurant Management Dashboard is set up.

    public site on manage
  2. Client Settings, here is where all the restaurant info goes, where you can set up the timing for delivery, see kitchen inner workings and schedules, set up your printers, as well as the branding (messages the customers will get, logo, colors, and avatar). Also, you can modify the dietary options, add your delivery drivers, and set up the delivery fees and service gratuity. We know it sounds like a lot but don’t worry, we'll see each one of them when the time is right.

    general walkthrough 1

  3. Coupon Settings is the section where you can create coupons with discounts for your guests. 

    coupon settings
  4. Menu Settings, let the uploading begin! Here is where you’ll upload your menu areas and items, as well as setting up the difficulty for each plate, cooking time and descriptions, taxes and you can also upload photos for the public site.
     menu settings 001
  5. Mobile Management, this is a space where you can manage your orders through a mobile-friendly site. Utilizing features like swiping and large easy-to-see buttons, it's easier for cooks to see and interact with when they are in the middle of cooking a dish.

    mobile management millis
  6. Order Management, here is where all the incoming orders will show up, you can manage the status of the order, assign one of your drivers, or request a Postmates delivery. Here you’ll see the Kitchen Times and the Promise Time.

  7. Reports, here you will find a record or summary of a specific restaurant's business activity within a chosen date range (monthly, weekly, daily, etc).

    reports general
  8. Scan Receipts, in case you’re using a tablet or phone, you can use this section of the sidebar to scan the receipts and automatize the update of the order status.

    scan receipts general
  9. Send Message, here is where you can choose from different SMS templates and send a message to a specific number. 

    send message 3
  10. Users, manage your staff's access to your site by assigning different roles. Click here to learn more about the roles and permissions.

    users 2

Note: If you have chain restaurants and have access to more than one location you can easily navigate through them. On the top left of the screen, click the arrow on top of your name to see the list of restaurants you have access to.

list of rests