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How Are Gratuities Calculated

How are gratuities calculated? 

The gratuity calculation is not made for the food total, but only in the items with gratuity added.  


The Gratuity Button – how to use it and what it's for  

If you click on the details of an item, you can see all the different settings you can change such as ID verification, Time Based Menu, etc. Now, you can also see the option of Add Gratuity. This was developed for the restaurants that don’t want to charge gratuities on all of their items and only on specific dishes. 
  1. If your restaurant wants to charge gratuity for the items, those items will have their Add Gratuity button ON. If you activate the switch, the gratuity will be calculated automatically for each item in the Easy Order.
     add gratuitygratuity on
  2. If the restaurant doesn’t want to charge gratuity for bread or for a can of soda, those items will have their Add Gratuity button OFF.  

    gratuity offps grauity off

  3. The gratuity will only be the percentage of the number of items that have Add Gratuity Button ON.


    To learn how to add an item first before adjusting gratuity options read this article!