How to Add a New Menu Item

This is how you can add a new menu item in your Dine.Direct portal

Have your menu within reach!

In your Restaurant Management Dashboard, locate Menu Settings from the sidebar to the left, and let’s begin!

Adding a new Menu Item

  1. Click on the orange arrow to see the items on that specific category, or edit the existing ones later on. You can also click on each item row and drag it up and down to organize the list.   
        new menu items 3.0
  2. Click on Add menu item. This will prompt the window called Edit Menu Item:
  3. You can choose in which Menu Area (category) you want this item to be.   
  4. Assign a Product type such as Food, non-alcoholic drinks, beers, or wine. This will be helpful later for reports.   
  5. Add a Product Name. This is the name that will appear on your public menu. 
  6. Add a Kitchen Name. Used as a "code name" for your kitchen staff. If you don't fill in this field the system will print the product name as a default on the kitchen receipt. 
  7. Add the price and then the cost of the item.   
  8. Add your local/county Tax (aggregated percentage). 
    Note: If you're wondering why you don't have a way to set the same tax rate for the whole menu is because some cooked meals don't pay taxes in some counties. For any legal or financial advice, we suggest you hire an accountant. We work with and highly recommend Flores Financial.
  9.  Add an appealing Description for your item. 
  10. Add a time to cook of each item to help our A.I. understand your kitchen times better. 
  11. Assign from the drop-down list, a single or multiple Dietary Options that apply to your menu item.
  12. Upload Menu Item Image and make sure to use a pretty good one. We recommend high quality and size of 1,000x1,000 pixels. 
  13. Moving on to the switches: 
    1. When the item is Active, it will appear on the menu. If for some reason the item is not available you can deactivate it anytime by clicking on it so your customers don’t see it on the menu. 
    2. Control the daily amount of available items with Limited Inventory.
      When the switch is On, two input boxes will be added to the item details: 

      - Max Daily Qty: Controls the total quantity of inventory available to sell during the day.
      - Daily Qty Available: Keeps track of the remaining quantity of items. Every time a consumer purchases the item, the Daily Qty Available decreases and is kept updated in real-time. Say goodbye to overselling! 

      Restaurants can update both of these input boxes as required. For instance, if they are running out of stock faster because of a large volume of orders from other sources, they are free to change the Daily Qty Available in order to reflect the actual stock of the plate. 

      Image of Daily Qty Available and Max Qty Available fields
    3. Mark an item as Sold Out if you want it to appear on the online menu with that label. Your customers wont be able to select it until you deactivate the switch again.
    4. Use the Add Gratuity switch to take control of which items are taking into account for the final tips added to the order total in the online menu. If this switch is turned off then the price of the item won't be added to the gratuity calculation. 
    5. Use an ID Verification button required for alcoholic beverages. 
    6. Select the Time Based Menu toggle to make this feature active on each item you desire to have available only for a certain time range. This can be useful for breakfast, brunch, lunch, or dinner menu areas. You can use as many time frame choices as you wish to make a certain item available during specific hours of the day. Go to this article to know how to set all the Menu Timings you want. 
      timing options-1
  14.  Learn how to add modifiers/mods on this article, and how to use shared mods here.

Tip: You can also search for any specific item or price on the search bar at the top left of the screen. As you start to type, only areas that match your search will settings search bar

If you're wondering how to delete a menu item, go to this article to know how to do it according to your specific needs.