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How Does Dine.Direct's delivery (transportation) Cost Compare to Others Like UberEats?

When comparing services, it is important to look at the total cost to both the user and the restaurant. We have several modes of delivery:

First is restaurant self-delivery. Self-delivery cost is highly dependent on the restaurant's location.

Second, we have 3rd party service delivery - which is through PostMates DAAS and Drive. It also varies depending on location, but starts at about $6 for a 5-mile radius around the restaurant.

Lastly, we have community delivery, which is similar in price... US costs are about $6 - $7 per delivery (in Mexico it is around $3). The end customer always pays this charge - either directly or from the restaurant's profit. The setup and guest experience is 100% in control of the restaurant. All in all, pricing by Dine.Direct is always more advantageous for the restaurant and guest.