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How Can You Share Your Menu With Your Clients?

When a guest calls and wants to place an order, there are two easy ways to steer them toward your online menu!

Sending the link using a text message

This is the best method when a potential guest makes the first move. If they ask where they can order, it's easier to send them the link to your menu site.

First, go to your Restaurant Management Dashboard, scroll down the left-hand sidebar to find the Send Message section. Type the mobile number your client provided and click Send. 

send message 2.0


Another way you can share your menu with your clients:

Head to the Order Management tab on the left sidebar. There, you have to click the Phone Order button where you'll have to enter your customer's phone number.

Just click Send and that's it! Your customer will receive a link to your menu via text:

To find the message template that will be sent to them, head to the sidebar to go to Client Settings and then click on Messages & Graphics tab. Use the search bar and type "NewOrderFirstTime." Edit the message that shows up using the blue pencil icon.

new order message

Sharing the link using your custom QR code

The second and perhaps the coolest way to do this is with a QR code customized especially for your restaurant. You can add this QR code to a flyer or share it on social media.

This method is best used to distribute and make your Dine.Direct menu publicly available. When a customer scans the code with their phones they will automatically be redirected to your online menu!qr-code (14)

If you're interested in getting this customized QR code, give us a call at (775) 580 3200, send us an email at support@dine.direct, or just use the chat bubble to communicate with us. Our talented Design team will assist you and you'll have a special QR code to impress your guests!