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How Does Dine.Direct Safeguard Your Information?

We take care of your day-to-day work. We let the experts take care of your and your guests' security

A huge part of our service relies on us being able to offer you a trustworthy and safe place to manage your restaurant, keeping your credentials and your information safe at all times.

We want to focus on the fun part, which is building a great platform for you to work with, offering you top-level support and helping you grow your sales. However, the not-so-fun but key aspect of security, we know there are experts that know better!

Secure payments and secure credentials

There are two moments when security is essential: when someone enters their card or banking details and when you are logging into your account.

  • Securing payment details: You probably are familiar with Stripe, our merchant processor. They offer cutting edge payment security infrastructure to keep your money and your guests' money safe.

File:Stripe Logo, revised 2016.svg

  • Securing users and passwords. Meet Auth0 (pronounced Auth-zero). They are a heavyweight authentication and authorization service to safeguard the security aspect of logging into Dine.Direct. They allow you to log into your account every day, shielding your credentials from eavesdroppers.

Why Stripe?

  • Neither Dine.Direct nor the restaurant get to see the credit card information of the person buying the food. They type their card details in your Public Site, but those input fields belong to Stripe. Stripe takes that info and processes it in their own servers.
  • Dine.Direct is completely out of the money stream. Stripe sends your earned money to your bank account the next business day, there's no other middle man in that stream.
  • Your guests can see the name of your restaurant in their card statements and not some obscure alphanumeric transaction ID. This makes the experience a lot more transparent for them.
  • In your Stripe account, you will always see detailed info regarding the fee we charge. No surprises and hidden charges!

Why Auth0?

  • Dine.Direct doesn't store your passwords. They are stored within Auth0 bulletproof servers. That explains why we can't reset your password for you. This is much better than asking for someone to reset your password, exposing your credentials in the process.
  • Auth0 servers are incredibly secure and stable. Their uptime is about 99.98% for the last year (source), meaning you'll experience extremely rare disruptions.
  • Your information is safe. This is really the main takeaway. Their security standards, stringent certifications passed and compliance are of the highest level!