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How to add an ORDER HERE button to your Instagram page

Use this tool to help your clients reach any important content you have, especially your online menu!

What's Linktree?

As their slogan says, and to summarize, it's "The Only Link You'll Ever Need". Linktree is a social media reference landing page, developed by some very nice fellas in Australia. Since normally you can't add more than one link to a social media profile, Linktree provides a way to add hyperlinks in one simple way. You can sign up for free or even try the premium features. 

How does it work to help your brand?

We want to make sure your restaurant's online menu, website, and other social media pages (such as Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, etc), are accessible for your customers. 

How to add your customized Linktreee to your Instagram page?

  1. Go to your restaurant's profile:

  2. Click on Edit Profile. On the Website field, paste your Linktree and save the changes on the check icon:

  3. Finally, here's how it will look like when a customer clicks on it from your profile:


Great! now your customers can easily access your online menu and order just by making two clicks (or taps).