How to Add Menu Categories

Appetizers, salads, soups, they're all welcome! This is how you can add categories to your Dine.Direct menu

Have your physical menu within reach!

Here, you’ll be able to organize the main sections of your menu, such as appetizers, wines, and desserts, to name a few of our personal favorites.

Log in to your page, locate Menu Settings from the sidebar to your left and let's begin.


Adding a new menu category

  1. Click on "Add" located on the right side of the page:
  2. This will prompt the window called New Menu Area. Write the name of the section and if you want to, add an area icon (if you wish, add a small reference picture that will be displayed next to the section name for your customers to see).    
                          menu area tony tasty    
  3. After adding several categories, you can choose where you want this section to appear on the menu. Drag the row up or down and organize your menu as you wish.  
  4. You can choose whether the item is active or not with the switch on the right. If it's deactivated (red) your customer won't see it on the menu.   

If you need to edit an existing category just click on the blue pencil icon.


How to Organize Your Menu Items and Mods 

In order to organize the order of your menu items and mods, all you need to do is click and hold on what you want to move and then drag it to where you would like it to be. This drag and drop feature is available for menu items and mods, but options within each mod still need to be organized manually by inputting a number depending on where you want them to be in the list. 


Great job! you've successfully added menu areas where you can add all your great dishes. Now let's get into the next article to learn how to add those items.