How to Adjust Your Kitchen's Workload With the Effort Points System

An advanced lesson about optimizing your kitchen's production capacity with Kitchen Load Per Minute, penalties, and similar parameters

On your Restaurant Management Dashboard, click on Client Settings located on the sidebar at the left of the screen. Click on More > Restaurant Info tab.

rest info 3

Here you'll learn about those fields with less familiar names. Click on the names to jump straight to the value you're interested in:

  1. Kitchen Load Per Minute
  2. Kitchen Late Order Penalty
  3. Empty Order Effort
  4. Empty Order Minutes

Kitchen Load Per Minute

It's the total number of effort points that the kitchen can handle per minute at the same time. It's calculated by adding up all the effort points of the orders your kitchen can cook simultaneously. 
kitchen load per minute
  • Our system knows how many effort points your kitchen is handling at any given moment. If that number reaches the Kitchen Load Per Minute the system will put new orders in the queue until your kitchen frees up and can fit new effort points of the queued orders.
  • These queued orders will show up in the Order Management board with a status of Order Received. This means they are not pushed into the kitchen yet.
  • Remember: This parameter depends on setting each individual item effort points when you Add Menu Items.                                

Kitchen Late Order Penalty

It's the percentage of effort points that stay in the system from an order that is coming out of the kitchen late. The system will assume that most of the order will be ready, and just a percentage won't. The Penalty is this last percentage of the order that's still in the kitchen and in the system, this will help you keep your kitchen load somewhat accurate to avoid a kitchen overload.
kitchen late order penalty
  • Let's take a look at an example:
    • Suppose you enter a value of 20% in this field.
    • Then, you receive a big order. In Order Management, you go check it and its status is Kitchen. You check your clock and the Kitchen Out time was already a few minutes ago, so the order is late! An alarm will start ringing and the order will appear highlighted in red. 
    • What's going to happen backstage? The system will take 20 percent off the total effort points per minute of the order that is late and that number would be the percentage of that order that stays in the kitchen. 
    • The system is assuming that a portion of the order is already cooked, so the kitchen needs to deal with the "remaining" 20% of the effort points until it's completely ready.
    • These remaining effort points will be active until the late order finally gets out of the kitchen.                           

Empty Order Effort

The estimated effort points that you give to an empty order (before adding items to the cart) that will influence the estimated time of arrival. It takes into consideration how the current workflow of the kitchen is and it works to show the customer a realistic time for Pickup or Delivery. This value only takes effect inside the system, while the customer is looking at your online menu. After they select one item, the system will consider that particular item effort. In other words, it will detect when a customer "sits at a table" and starts checking out your menu. The avatar will do so by reserving for them a number of effort points temporarily so that they get a more realistic estimated time of pick up or delivery.  
empty order effort

  • Time is valuable and especially so in a restaurant environment. We don't want to give your customers false time expectations. So here's an example: let's say someone is looking at your online menu on a Saturday night. Chances are your kitchen is going to be hectic: people waiting for their dinner when dining in, and a bunch of orders for take-out and delivery. Our system knows this! This value is a way for your customers to get their expectations adjusted to the actual time that they will get their order. 

Empty Order Minutes

Is the estimated cooking time that you give to an empty order (before adding items to the cart) that will be added to the Pickup or Delivery time once the user gets into the public site. As soon as the guest starts adding real items with real cooking times, this value stops taking effect.
    empty order minutes
    • Empty Order Minutes shows up in your Public Site on the top of the page when the guest has not added anything yet. As an example, in the picture below we have an empty cart ($0.00) and it reads PICK UP after 2:56 PM. That estimated time is calculated using Empty Order Minutes and adding the Packing Time.

    Great! That's it for now!  Don't hesitate to contact us via the chat bubble if you need further help!