How to Adjust Your Kitchen Load for Individual Days

You can set a specific percentage of the kitchen load for busy hours

We work with all the information you provide for us! According to your schedule, our A.I. will manage the placement of incoming orders. 

This section will allow your restaurant to boost its performance by adjusting your schedule. Edit your hourly kitchen load according to your peak or off-peak hours to prevent delays or mishaps. In general, in busier time frames, enter a lower number to avoid jamming your kitchen. Remember you can change these values in real-time according to what works best for you.

To make use of this feature follow these steps:

  1. On Client Settings, click the Schedule tab.
  2. Click on the pencil icon on the right side of the day you want to edit.

    edit schedule
  3. The number you enter here it's a percentage of your Kitchen Load per minute. You can change this % on an hourly basis, depending on your trend of business, so your kitchen is always able to manage all the orders!

    kitchen load on schedule
  4. Click the check icon to save and the "x" to cancel.