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How to Cancel an Order

If something went wrong and an order needs to be cancelled, read on

While we automate the cancellation process, proceed as follows:

  1. In your Restaurant Management Dashboard, go to Order Management using the sidebar to the left of the screen.
  2. Search for the order you need to cancel and click on it. You’ll see a blue button that will enable you to change the status of the order.  

  3. Click on that button and change the status to CanceledThis status will only appear if the current status of the order is either Order ReceivedKitchen, or Staging.
  4. confirmation pop-up will appear to confirm the cancelation. 
  5. Another way to change the status is by clicking anywhere on the row and opening the Order Details.
  6. Look for Order Status in the upper right part of the popup window: 

  7. Click the blue pencil icon and set the status to Canceled.

  8. Click Confirm and then Save. 
  9. After you’ve changed the status to Canceled, a message will automatically be sent to your customer to let them know the order has been canceled. 
  10. If the order was going to be delivered via Postmates, read: How to cancel a Postmates delivery.
  11. Go to your Stripe account and instantly issue a refund to your customer. If you need further help on this step, head to this article.
  12. You can further communicate with the client and let them know a refund is on the way!