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How to change the notification sound for Dine.Direct's Android App

Here you'll learn how to change the notification sound for all notifications within Dine.Direct's Android App

Things to have into consideration regarding notifications colors

  • Default notification: This means a new order arrived. 
  • Yellow notification: This means the order is late within a range of 3 mins.
  • Red notification: This means this order is late within a range of 5 mins. 

Now, let's make sure you have your Android device nearby. 

  1. First, long press on the Manage Dine.Direct icon and go to the app info.  
    long press manage icon
  2. Once you're there, go to Notifications.

  3. Here you'll see the 3 notifications types: Default, Red, and Yellow warnings. Click on the one you want to change:


  4. Tap Advanced and it'll display a dropdown menu. Go to Sound to select the one you desire:

  5. A pop-up is going to appear. Select the sound you want and click OK when you're done:

  6. Repeat this process with the notifications you want to change and you're all set!