How to Change Brand Colors Displayed on the Restaurant's Menu

Reflect your restaurant's style and brand by customizing the Brand Colors used throughout your Online Menu.

Follow these steps:

  1. In your Restaurant Management Dashboard, go to Client Settings using the sidebar to the left.
  2. Click on More > Restaurant Info. In this tab, locate the three fields called Primary Color, Secondary Color, and Background Color.
  • Primary Color: This is the color that will be shown on different details like texts or different buttons for customers to select.
  • Secondary Color: The color you select here will be displayed as an accent color in tabs and other buttons. It complements the visual appearance of your menu.
  • Background Color: The color you select will be reflected on the outside of your Online Menu, complementing the appearance of your menu.


Tip: If your brand/restaurant has a code color (HEX, HSL, or RGB code), enter it and it will appear automatically, if not you can select the specific tone you want by clicking on the color map and slowly moving the mouse. 

color changing

Important Details

  • Make sure to "Save Details" to save your color selections.
  • Click or tap under the color numbers to cycle through RGB, HSL & HEX entry options.
  • The online menu must be refreshed for new colors to display. Remember, you can see the changes you applied by clicking on the Public Site section on your Restaurant's Dashboard.

Good selection! Now you can see the changes applied on your pubic site. Now let's move on to your restaurant's logo. Go to this article to learn how to set it