How to Choose Great Items for Delivery

How to build a superb menu that's profitable and suitable for delivery, considering packaging and other key points

Although we'd love for your Dine.Direct menu to include everything you have to offer, we have to admit some items are best saved for your dining-in guests. One of the most important things when setting up your Dine.Direct account, is picking items that are delivery friendly. How can you do that? Well, keeping your menu updated, as well as preserving the essence of your business is essential for having satisfied and happy customers.

Things to keep in mind: 

  • Could the food get soggy because of sealed steam? 
  • What items from your menu travel well? Try packing different ingredients separately. For instance: for a taco, you could pack the meat, veggies, and salsas on different small containers.
  • When the food is delivered, will it still be nice and presentable?
  • Does the prep time make the total time for delivery too long?

Now, let's get to business. To build your delivery menu you can either modify the menu you already have for delivery, build an entirely different one, or mix those two. Some tips that can help you in this process:

  1. When a customer chooses delivery, they expect the food to arrive fast. So make sure the items on your menu have a short prep time and create a mapped-out radius around your restaurant. These two factors added up will give you the approximate time it takes for the food to be delivered. 
  2. Make sure you have an efficient delivery fleet. Enough people to deliver your food will ensure a customer won't have to wait for one driver to return for their food to be on the way.
    Pro Tip: Each driver can scan several receipt's QR codes of different orders and the Deliver.Direct app will calculate the best route joining each drop-off point.
  3. Some foods will continue to cook even after packaging. Consider the fact that your customers may heat up what they ordered and it might not be the same texture or have the same doneness level they desired. 
  4. Pick the proper packaging.
    • Containers should only be a bit bigger than the item you're packaging up. 
    • Sauces, dips, or condiments should have different containers. This keeps the food more presentable and ensures it doesn't get watered down. Don't forget to label it correctly!
    • Use hot food bags for the items that need so and keep them separated from cold items such as drinks, desserts, or salads. Using insulated food bags will help maintain the temperature of your dish while traveling.  
  5. When creating your delivery menu, start with the most popular and profitable items. If your all-time favorites are not very suitable for delivery, what's keeping you from making new versions?
  6. Keep your menu updated. Our system allows you to make changes that apply the second you press the save button. So if something's missing from the kitchen on a certain day, you can easily deactivate those items and change them back when you get the supplies. 
  7. Keep it simple. 15 to 20 items should be enough. Most people don't have the patience to scroll through too many options. Don't trigger the analysis paralysis in your guests! A beautiful and delicious selection will do.