How to Create Mini Mods

Use this feature when you need to have more options for your dishes

If your restaurant wants to offer a few sides for a dish and in those, offer a salad. The guest will not only be able to choose which side they want to have but also the dressing of the salad and they'll add a few extras if they want to: chicken, avocado, etc.
The sides are the mods of the dish, the dressing is the mini-mod of the salad.

If you don't already know how to add items and how to add mods to items, check those articles first before diving into this mini-mods feature. 

Here is the step by step to create and manage mini-mods:

  1. On your Restaurant Management Dashboard, go to Menu Settings and click on the Shared Mods tab.

  2. Add a new mod or click on an existing one.
  3. Add all the choices you need if this is a new shared mod.

  4. Click on the pop-up switch of the choices you need to add more modifications.

  5. Click on the expand arrow (downward icon) at the end of the field, like on the image above.
  6. Click on the add icon to add the mini-mod.
  7. Enter your mod type and name of the field.

  8. Click on the the expand arrow at the end of this mini-mod field.

  9. Enter choices.

  10. Now, to attach this mod to any item on your menu, go to Areas & Items.
  11. Click on the Show Details button on the item you want. 
  12. Select shared mod and then select the previously made shared mod
    with mini-mod option and save.

  13. Open the online menu to check the menu item.... and voilá! there you
    have it.