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How to Find Order Details

This is a quick guide for finding and working with your customers' order details in Dine.Direct

In your restaurant's Management Dashboard, follow these instructions:

  1. Click on Order Management in the sidebar to the left and you will see a summarized view of all the orders.

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  2. Click on the customer’s name to open the details corresponding to their order.
  3. The Order Details window will pop up. Here, you can view the complete details of the selected customer, including the Order number, date it was Placed on, Client’s name, client's Mobile number, Customer notes, client's Address, Order type (delivery or pickup), Promise time, Order summary, current Order status, and the Order totals.

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  4. Click on the pencil icon next to Status if you need to manually change the order status.

    Choose from one of the options:
    • Order received
    • Kitchen
    • Staging
    • Ready for delivery
    • Ready for pickup
    • Delivery in progress
    • Delivered
    • Picked up

    Remember: If you're using a printer, the order will be automatically moved to the Kitchen. If you're managing a Postmates delivery order, the latter order statuses (Delivery in Progress and Delivered) are controlled by the Postmates courier. You don't always need to make manual status updates in these cases!
  5. Click on the Save button.