How to Integrate Stripe to Process and Receive Payments

Take advantage of Stripe's top-notch security and reliability and integrate your account with Dine.Direct in a few minutes

Before you set your Stripe account, make sure you place a fake order to test the printers and the whole flow of the system. You'll be able to see the process of a person buying the food and how the order advances from the moment it's placed until it is ready to be picked up or delivered.

Go here: How to place a test order before going live

Follow these easy steps to complete the Stripe integration with Dine.Direct.

Make sure you're logged in to

  1. Go to Client Settings using the sidebar to your left.
    tony tasty stripe
  2. The Stripe popup window will prompt you to start the signup process. Click on Sign Up Now.
  3. You will get redirected to this webpage. Enter your email and create a password. If you already have a Stripe account use the same email.

    stripe 1.1
  4. Enter your mobile number and Stripe will send you a code:

    stripe 2
  5. Enter the six-digit code you received via SMS:

    stripe 3
  6. Stripe provides you with a backup code in case of an emergency. Make sure to save it on your computer.
    stripe 4-1
  7. Write down the information about your restaurant such as the address and type of business:
    stripe 5
      stripe 6.1-1
  8. Fill in your personal details (preferably of the owner of the restaurant):
    stripe 7stripe 8.1-1
  9. Now, enter your restaurant website (if you have one) and add the product description. This is a small description of your restaurant. For example: "Tony's Tasty Tomato Italian style restaurant". Stripe uses this information to verify the account.
    stripe 9
  10. Move on to the banking information:
    stripe 10
  11. The next step is the customer statement information.
    1. The statement descriptor is what's going to show up on the customers' Visa or MasterCard bills. So this should be the name of the restaurant.
    2. The shortened descriptor is an abbreviation of the name of the restaurant that is paired with the specific details about a charge.
    3. The customer support phone number and address is the place customers need to call if they have doubts regarding a card charge. Write down your restaurant's phone number, so if somebody needs help or has any questions they can communicate directly with the restaurant.

    stripe 11
  12. Finally, the last step! Just a quick summary to verify everything is correct. Also, in case you missed any of the previous fields, here you'll be able to complete those. 

                stripe 13.0  

                 stripe 13
After you click done, the page will automatically redirect you to your Restaurant Management Dashboard!

We're done here!

What happens if you don't finish the setup and close the window?

If for any reason you close the Stipe integration, you can still complete the integration any time you want. Just go back to your manage page and the sign up now pop-up will appear again. Click on it and you will be redirected to the page where you left off. 

Remember: Your customers can only start ordering from your menu after you've successfully finished integrating Stripe.

Amazing! You can now start receiving real orders. Don't forget to share your menu with everyone you know. In case you want to keep with this pace and finish the last integration, go to this article to learn more about how to integrate with Postmates.