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How to Integrate Your Postmates Account With Your Dine.Direct Account

Our integration with Postmates is really simple. You just need to copy and paste two keys and you'll be ready to go!

  1. Login at https://partner.postmates.com/login

  2. Click on the Developer tab.

    postmates 1

  3. If you haven't completed this yet, enter a valid credit card by clicking Add Payment Card.

    postmates 2
  4. You'll now have a series of tokens and keys. To integrate with Dine.Direct, you will need the CUSTOMER ID and PRODUCTION KEY

    postmates keys
  5. Without closing Postmates on your browser, go to manage.dine.direct
  6. Log in and using the sidebar to the left, go to Client Settings and then to Postmates tab.

  7. Copy and paste the CUSTOMER ID and PRODUCTION KEY generated inside the Postmates website in the following fields:
    1. Inside Dine.Direct, CUSTOMER ID goes into the field with the same name.
    2. PRODUCTION KEY goes into the next field.
  8. Click Save details.

Adding the Webhook

This will allow Postmates status updates to flow through your Dine.Direct Restaurant Dashboard. Follow this steps to complete the integration.

  1. On your Postmated Dashboard, go to Developers and then to Webhook:


  2. Copy this link (https://raffleapi.azurewebsites.net//api/Postmateswebhook) and paste it there. Select Production then Save

    webhook confirmation
  3. Now Postmates status will flow through to Dine.Direct.

    webhook 3