How to Make Discounts Available to Your Customers Using Coupons

Here you will learn how to add coupon codes and how to set their active dates

  1. On the left side of the Restaurant Management Dashboard, you will see a tab called Coupon Settings. Click that to start adding codes and giving your customers some great deals.
  2. You will see this screen (the first time you go in, it will be blank). To add a new coupon just click the ADD COUPON button in the top right corner. Once you do that, a new line will be created. You will be able to add the code name, the discount percentage, the description, and the start and end dates.

  3. The Code is what the client will actually have to input into your public site before paying in order to get the discount.
  4. Discount is where you will put the discount percentage that you want the customer to get on their order.
  5. Description is where you can put the reason you are giving this discount. It could be a birthday coupon or a just-because-it's-Tuesday coupon.

  6. The Start and End Date columns are where you will put the amount of time you would like your discount to be available. It could be a Fall discount and run as long as those leaves keep falling off the trees or it could be a quick weekend discount that celebrates your 10,000th sale! 

  7. The last column on this page is the Actions column. This is where you will be able to click to edit your discount. Maybe the discount is going really well and you are getting a ton of new customers, so you want to make the code valid for a month instead of a week. Click the pencil icon and you will be able to edit all of the areas you see.


How does the Popup Switch work?

  1. Select the coupon you would want to share and turn on the popup option. This will allow you to click on the orange arrow on the right side of the screen.  

  2. Once you click on the orange arrow, two messages will appear. These two messages will appear on the public site and your clients will see them once they enter the online menu. It is important to put in Source where these clients may come from (Instagram, Facebook, etc.). This is important because when the client enters the Public Site, that link will include the source of which social media portal they’re coming from and if it doesn’t match with the coupon source link the coupon will not be offered. 

  3. Now it’s time to set those messages! The restaurant will need the customer’s name and phone number in order to give them the coupon. 

  4. Once your customer fills out that information, the second message will be sent! You can set these messages on Client Settings. 

  5. Once they click on Order Food, they will be redirected to the public site with the coupon included and will be seen on the Coupon Code section. 

    That’s it! Now your clients can enjoy those coupons!