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How to Print More Than One Kitchen and Delivery Tickets

Learn how to print any receipt as many times as you need, in case any of them gets lost or gets stained with tomato sauce

  1. Make sure you're logged into your Restaurant Management Dashboard.
  2. Go to Client Settings, located in the sidebar to the left. Click on More > Printers.
  3. Next to each printer, you will see a dropdown box where you can select the number of receipts you would like automatically printed (up to 5 copies). This Autoprint option will work only for new incoming orders.

  4. In case you set it as one and just want to print a copy of a specific receipt occasionally, you can also do so in the Order Management section. Look for the last column to the right, called Actions.

  5. If you need to print the kitchen ticket, click on the printer icon with a chef hat:
  6. If you need to print the delivery receipt, click on the bag icon: