How to request a refund from Postmates

Please refer to these up to date articles from Postmates Delivery as a Service Help Center for more info:

Here's the step by step

  1. Locate the order having problems and open the Postmates status window by tapping on the Postmates' bike icon in the Order Management board
  2. Copy the Delivery ID - it's a long alphanumeric string starting with "del_ ... "
  3. Take notes of the driver's name
  4. Fill out the following Support Request Form: Click here to open Postmates DaaS Support Request Form
  5. In the form, paste the Delivery ID right on the field called API Delivery Token
  6. Near the end of the form, briefly describe the issue. Make sure to include the driver's name (the one that shows up in Dine.Direct). You can use this template:
    • Hi! We're reaching out from "X restaurant". We're using Postmates DaaS API and today we experienced an issue where x, y, z. The assigned courier was John Doe. We'd like to request a refund to the card on file. Please find attached the itemized receipt of the order.
  7. Attach a photo of the order receipt showing all items and totals. If you're using a printer with Dine.Direct, go ahead and manually print a copy of the Delivery Receipt (tutorial here)
    MicrosoftTeams-image (15)
  8. If you do not have a printer, you can take a screenshot of the Order Details. Write us through the chat bubble and we'll gladly send you a full screenshot of the order summary!
  9. Submit the form and wait for a response. They usually take 1 business day to reply.

    If you need any help regarding the entire process, get in touch with us and we'll guide you!