How to Request or Schedule Postmates Deliveries

Once your Postmates account is integrated with Dine.Direct, learn how to request Postmates deliveries on-demand!

Make sure you have integrated your Postmates Partner account with Dine.Direct first. Check here if you haven't completed the integration.


First, log in to and let's begin!

There are two ways to request a Postmates driver. automatically or manually:

Automatic scheduling

As soon as an order enters your Order Management board, the system will take into account the Kichen Out time of the order and schedule a driver to arrive at your restaurant a few minutes after the food is ready. To enable this automatic feature:

  1. Using the sidebar to the left, go to Client Settings and then click on the Postmates tab.
  2. Turn on the Delivery Auto-schedule switch and click Save Details.
  3. Great! From now on, all your incoming orders that are going to be fulfilled by Postmates will have their deliveries scheduled automatically!

Manual scheduling

If you go the manual way, we suggest you schedule a driver as soon a new order enters into your Order Management dashboard. The sooner you schedule, the better!

If you'd rather have more control over this process, you can always schedule manually each Postmates driver. This is how it's done:

  1. The Auto-schedule switch must be turned off (refer to the instructions above).
  2. Using the sidebar to the left, go to the Order Management board.
  3. As soon as a new order enters the board, click on the (Schedule Postmate) icon
  4. That's it! Now the grey bike icon will transform into a black Postmates logo: .

How to keep track and check the status of a Postmates delivery

It doesn't matter if a Postmates driver is requested via the automatic switch or the old fashioned manual way, go to this article to learn how to track the status of Postmates deliveries.