How to Set and Change Your Restaurant Schedule

Set your open and closing hours, as well as other scheduling details

To set your Kitchen schedule: 

  1. Go to Client Settings on the sidebar at the left of the screen and stay on the first tab you land on called Schedule - New.

  2. Set the days and hours of your schedule in time slots. Click on the plus icon to add as many time slots as you need to cover your working hours. is open, and in case you need to close, you can do it by unchecking the box of the day you desire.

    time slots

  3. You can also add a Menu Timing of your choice to sell specific items at a specific time. This works as a way to make sure that breakfast items, for example, are only shown to your clients during morning hours. Just always make sure you select the "Include non time based items" check box to keep showing all the other areas of your menu at all times. 
            menu timings new-1
  4. The Schedule section allows you to set a percentage of the Kitchen Load for specific time slots. Go to this article to learn more about this feature. 
  5. Finally, at the end of this page, you can add and edit date overrides. For example, if your restaurant closes on Sundays, but you want to open on Valentine's day (which falls on a Sunday that year), you can enter in advance the date and time they want to open so you don't have to worry about forgetting.

    menu overrides
  6. Here you can set those parameters to make sure your special days are covered. 
add menu override