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How to Edit Gratuity settings

Learn how to adjust different settings such as suggested gratuity percentages shown to your guests and more!

To start, on your Restaurant Management Dashboard go to Client Settings > More > Fees & Gratuity.
You'll find the Delivery Fees table up top, and right beneath there's a section called Gratuity/Service. Let's focus on the latter.


Set the recommended/default gratuity percentages

  1. First, click on the white arrow to the right of Gratuity/Service % for Dropdown to expand a dropdown list.

    gratuity dropdown
  2. Select the percentage of the customer bill that will appear as default gratuity on your online menu. It will look like this to the guest:

  3. Close the drop-down list by clicking on the same arrow to the right. Remember to Save Details on the button in the bottom-right corner.

More gratuity settings

Below, we have a series of fields. Let's break down each one:

Label Gratuity / Service


In your menu, the customer will have a place to enter a voluntary contribution. Here you can label that contribution as either Gratuity or Service Fee, depending on your wishes and keeping in mind your local regulations about tipping. This just changes the name on the menu, not how it's calculated.

If you select Gratuity: If you select Service Fee:



    Maximum $ Gratuity Confirmation

    This is the maximum dollar amount a customer can tip before being prompted for a confirmation. By asking for confirmation above a certain amount, you can avoid those cases where a guest might accidentally slip an additional zero and end up getting a bigger-than-expected bill on their credit card.

    max service fee

    Maximum % Service Fee Confirmation

    Using similar logic, this is the maximum percentage of the bill a customer can give as a tip without requiring a confirmation pop-up.

    The Maximum $ and Maximum %  confirmations work as a way to control and notify your customers how much they're tipping.

    If they exceed the values established for both fields at the same time, a confirmation window is going to pop up so the customer can make sure they are not making a typing mistake.

    gratuity pop up