How to Set Up Estimated Delivery Times

This is super important when you offer your own delivery service. Set up best and worst case scenarios for delivery times and change them in real time!

Go to the Restauraunt Management Dashboard and click on Client Settings located on the left sidebar. Now, go to More > Restaurant Info, and edit the following fields.

  1. Packaging Time means how much time it takes for the restaurant to package the order.
  2. Delivery Fast Time is the minimum amount of time it can take for the order to arrive.
  3. Delivery Slow Time is the maximum amount of time it can take for the order to arrive.
    Having a difficult day, maybe running short on staff? This is where you can handle your guests' expectations entering a reasonable amount of time!
    • Order Option is a field that gives you the power to choose between offering Delivery service, Pickup service, or Both, depending on what you are able to provide.

      Remember, any of these values can be changed anytime to adjust to changing conditions during your workday, just click on the Save Details button and they will be effective immediately!

    Let's keep in mind some of the fields in the Restaurant Info tab can affect the estimated time that shows on the public site of your restaurant.
    Those fields are packaging time, delivery time (fast and slow), and empty order minutes.

    Now you've chosen the accurate times for your guests to expect their orders. It seems like it's all coming into place, doesn't it? let's take a peek at how your online menu is looking so far.