How to Set Up the Dine.Direct Driver App

Use in-house drivers to take control of the delivery process and ensure a wonderful customer experience from kitchen to doorbell!

For the convenience of your drivers, you'll have Dine.Direct Delivery, our delivery app where they will be able to fulfill deliveries easily and effectively.

Note: If your staff will do deliveries using cars or bikes, make sure they have their documentation and legal requirements up to date so they are clear to start riding

Before proceeding, each driver needs to be registered inside in order to be able to log in within the app. Click here to learn how.

Installing the app and creating a driver account

Your drivers will need to follow the next steps to set up the app:

1. Go to your app store and download Dine.Direct Delivery app. Open it and press Login. 

2. On some devices, you'll see a prompt like this one: 

Nothing to worry about. It's requesting permission to sign you in. Tap Continue.

3. Time to create a Dine.Direct account. At the bottom of the screen, click on Sign up.  

  • Use the same email address used to register in the page!

4. Log into the app with your newly created account. Bring on the orders!

How to use the app

1. After logging in, you will land in a screen like this one:

2. Click on the logo above Hello! (Your name) in order to change your status between I'm working and I'm not working. 

3. Click on the pencil button in the top right to edit your profile info. Click Save when finished. 

4. The two main tabs are Daily Awesome and Delivery Record,

  • Daily Awesome displays your active orders.
  • Delivery Record shows your delivered orders in the last 48 hours.

5. To add a delivery job, you need to add an order number. In the bottom bar, tap on the icon.

  • You'll need to scan the QR code in the order receipt. Allow the app to use your camera.
  • Scan the code and the order will be automatically added.
  • If you are having problems scanning, enter the order number manually by clicking on the blue button under the scanning area:
  • When the order is added successfully, it will display in a green color. Scan as many orders as you need.

6. Next up, we have the Navigation screen. After you've added an order, hit the icon in the bottom bar. You'll see your current location in the upper part, and the added orders in the lower part of the screen. 

7. Allow the app to access your location if your device requests it.

8. You can change which order you will deliver first. Just press and hold on the desired order and it will turn green indicating it has been selected.

9. Tap the blue Navigate button and you will be redirected to your main Maps app (Apple Maps or Google Maps depending on your device). 

10. Follow the directions provided by Google or Apple maps. 

11. Once you reach your destination, open the Dine.Direct Delivery App and tap the Delivery home button in the bottom bar: . You will see this screen: 

  • At the top, you will have the details of the current guest.
  • First, see if the order needs you to verify the guest's ID. If that's the case, you will see an empty check box. Check it after you've verified the ID.
  • Then, take at least one picture and up to for pics of the order before handing it to the guest.
  • Finally, hand the order to the guest and tap Complete Delivery.

Yay! That's all there is to it. The status of the delivered order will be automatically updated to Delivered in the Order Management board. You're ready to reap the benefits of in-house delivery management!

Now that you have everything ready for deliveries, let's move on to the next step of our easy setup: Learn how to manage and check the status of orders at any time