How to Set Up Your Delivery Radius

When setting up your delivery don't forget to enter the radius in miles you want for your deliveries

One of the advantages of working with Dine.Direct is being able to set and change your delivery fees. It's entirely up to your criteria. 

  1. Go to your Restaurant Management Dashboard. On the Client Settings tab, you'll see a little arrow to see more tabs. 

  2. Click on the Fees & Gratuity tab. 

Here you can set the radius for your in house delivery. 

Set a delivery fee within any Miles you want. Meaning that if the address surpasses the limit of miles set, it will not deliver the food and the window will pop up telling the customer that the delivery can't be made. 

Keep in mind that the radius is calculated like a straight line from the restaurant's location to the customer's address, as a bird flies. This means it doesn't take into consideration crossings or the routes taken. So maybe you get an order that is 3 miles out of the radius you set. This happens because the distance is measured this way and not by car or bike.

Add a Base Charge for your delivery. You can either leave it at $0 or set a base price for your deliveries. This works like the base cost of a taxi cab.

You can also add a Per Mile cost. Depending on how far you want to deliver your food. 

For example:

Some restaurants offer 2 Miles free delivery, this makes a huge difference in sales.

If the customer puts an address that it’s not in the radius it's going to show a window with a warning. In that case, they would have to do a pickup order.