How to Set Up Your TM-m30ii-NT Printers (Wi-Fi Dongle Method)

Set up your Epson TM-m30ii-NT printers using a compatible Wi-Fi dongle

Time you'll need: Around 15 minutes.

Required for the setup:

  • Epson OT-WL06-321 Wireless LAN dongle (the kit comes with an optional USB extension cable)
  • Epson TM-m30ii-NT printer
  • Serial number of the printer: You can find it by  as shown below:
  • Computer or tablet
  • Working internet connection in your restaurant: Take notes of the name of the Wi-Fi network and the password (remember these are case sensitive).


Let's begin!
  1. Connect the printer to a wall socket, but do not turn it on yet.
  2. Using your fingers, pop out the rear and bottom covers of the printers, as shown in the picture:
  3. Connect the dongle to the black-colored USB port in the back of the printer (marked as port number 2 in the picture below)dongle1
  4. If surrounding cables or limited space give you trouble, use the USB extension provided. If that's the case, attach the included rubber cover to protect the connection port. Also, you can use the included affixing tape to secure the dongle to a steady surface. See the following picture for reference:
  5. Load roll paper. Check here for indications.
  6. After installing the roll paper, power on the printer. After a few seconds, it'll print a sheet containing the following information:initialSettings
  7. Using your tablet or computer, connect to the printer's own network.
    • Read here if you need a refresher on how to join a network using your Android tablet.
  8. The printer's network will appear under the name EPSON_Printer
  9. The password to join that network is 12345678
  10. Now open a web browser and go to this address:
  11. Your browser will display an "untrusted connection" message that will resemble this one:CertificateError
  12. Just click on Advanced and dismiss the alert to proceed to the site.
  13. You'll need to log into the printer:
    • Username: epson
    • Password: your printer serial number (it's case sensitive)
  14. Welcome to the main page of the printer's web settings! 
  15. Using the navigation panel to the left, go to Wireless, as shown:wireless_settings
  16. First, the Communication Standard field, you can leave it as it is. The only exception is when your connection is a 5 GHz network (read here to learn how to connect to a 5 Ghz wifi).
  17. In the field called SSID, erase "EPSON_Printer" and type your restaurant's Wi-Fi network name. This is case-sensitive.
  18. Jump to WPA Pre-Shared Key, erase the existing password and type your restaurant's Wi-Fi password.
  19. Most of the time, you'll need to leave the rest of the values as they are.
  20. Now, near the bottom of the page, click Send to apply these settings to the printer.
  21. The printer will show this message on the page: "Configuration sent
  22. Now reboot the printer. You can do it manually on the device or by using the Reset button that will show up after a few seconds in the browser.
  23. After the printer turns back on, it will print a page containing the new network settings we've applied.
  24. On the page, copy the IP address, open a new browser tab and type this new IP address in the address bar.
    • If you're on a desktop computer, type http:// before the IP address. It should look like this: ""
  25. Hit Enter on your keyboard to go to that address.
  26. Sign in to the printer again:
    • Username: epson
    • Password: your printer serial number (case sensitive)
  27. On the left-hand navigation panel, go to EpsonNet Config for TM-i
  28. Select Server Direct Print from the sidebar:
  29. Now open another browser tab and log into your Management Dashboard:
  30. Go to Client Settings and then go to the Printers tab
  31. Select which tickets are going to be printed out on this printer:
  32. If you will work with only one printer, select Printer 1 from the drop-down list for everything.
    • If you have two printers, complete these instructions for the first one. At the end of the article, you will find additional details for configuring a second printer.
  33. Scroll down and you'll find some parameters next to Printer 1
  34. Use the button to copy the URL and Name. You will need to copy and paste these values in the corresponding fields on the printer's web settings. See the following picture (right click and tap View image to enlarge):serverdirectprint
  35. As you can see, the URL of the Management Dashboard goes into the URL of Epson settings. The same applies to Name (overwrite the previous name that appears on the Epson settings).
  36. Enable the Server Direct Print feature as shown on the image (marked as step 3).
  37. Click on Apply & Restart in the Epson settings screen.
  38. Done! Wait for the printer to restart!
  39. Perform a test to check if everything is working properly, read here: How to know if your printers are online and connected to Dine.Direct

What if you have two printers?

  1. On the Management Dashboard, go to Client Settings --> Printers tab
  2. Scroll down and click on the Add button below Printer 1 to add a second printer profile as shown below:

  3. Select which type of receipt will be printed out from each printer:
  4. Click on the Save details button in the lower right corner of the page:
  5. Now repeat the steps outlined from the beginning of this article to finish setting up the second printer. As a refresher:
    • Join the printer to your restaurant's network and take notes of the IP address of the second printer
    • Log into the Epson web settings site. Remember you'll need the serial number of the second printer for the password.
    • Navigate to the needed location on Epson's website and copy & paste Printer 2's URL and Name from the Management Dashboard onto the corresponding fields in Epson's website. Enable the Server Direct Print option and hit Apply & Restart.