How to Set Your Restaurant's Logo-Banner

Customers will see your logo at the top of your menu page

On your page, locate Client Settings on the left sidebar.

1. Go to the Messages & Graphics tab.


2. Scroll down to the bottom and edit the UI Banner element. That’s the logo your customers will see on the top of your menu. 

3. If you would also like to add your logo to the header of your page, edit the element below called Manage.Dine.Direct Banner.  


4. Click on the edit icon and upload your logos.

That's it! And don't forget to click Save on every window before closing them!

Your logo looks off or it doesn't look like you expect?

Read here to see why this can happen.

Nice work! now that you have added your restaurant's branding we can move on to setting your open and closing times. Go to this article to set your schedule