How to Track the Status of a Postmates Delivery

After a Postmates driver is requested, learn how to follow the status of the order until it gets to your customer's hands, all without leaving Dine.Direct website

After you're logged into your management screen (, follow these steps to monitor the status of a Postmates delivery:

Note: Every time the Postmates status is updated, you will receive a sound notification from your browser (the same sound you hear when a new order arrives and when an order changes status).

  1. Using the sidebar to your left, go to Order Management.
  2. Search for the order you wish to track.
  3. Click on the Postmates icon in the Actions column.
  4. The Postmates status window will pop up. These are the statuses you will see in chronological order:
    • Pending, which means the delivery request has been accepted by Postmates but does not have yet an assigned courier. This is how the status will look like (we'll cover the meaning of the items inside the window in a second).
    • The next status is "pickup", which means a courier has been assigned and is on his way to pick up the order. Inside the Order Management board, the icon will turn blue: Postmates has picked up order
    • Then, we have "pickup_complete" status. It means the courier has picked up the food items successfully. This status is marked by the courier on their phone.
    • "dropoff" status shows up when the courier is heading towards the customer's address (dropoff location). Sometimes after picking up the items, the courier will finish a prior delivery by a nearby address first, so they need to confirm on their phone when they're going to your guest's address.
    • The final status is "delivered". This status also requires confirmation on the courier's phone. The icon will turn to a green color: postmates has delivered the order successfully
    • If delivery is canceled, it will have the corresponding status and the icon will become red: . See that you have a Reschedule button that could come in handy.
  5. As the status advances,  you'll have useful information inside the Postmates status window. Here's a breakdown of each item:postmates status-1
    1. Courier personal details: Will be displayed as soon as a courier is assigned.
    2. Delivery ID: Needed to contact Postmates support via phone or email. It's case sensitive.
    3. Pick-up ready: It's when the order is ready to be picked up by the Postmates courier. It's the time the order gets out of the kitchen (Kitchen Out time) + the time it takes to pack it (Packaging Time).
    4. Pick-up ETA: Postmates' estimate of the time when an assigned courier will arrive at the restaurant. It can range between a few minutes after the order is ready, up to 20 minutes, depending on the current demand of Postmates couriers.
    5. Promise Time: Dine.Direct's estimate of the time when the order will arrive at the customer's hands. The customer received this Promise Time via an automatic SMS after placing the order.
    6. Delivery ETA: Postmate's own estimate of the time when the order will arrive at the customer's hands. It can also vary depending on the current load of Postmates' system.
    7. Cancel Postmates order. Take a look at the last part of this article to know more about Postmates cancellation policy and possible fees.
    8. Track order. This button will redirect you to Postmates website to see the live status and location of the courier.