How to View and Manage the Print Queue

The print queue it’s a list of all tickets and receipts being printed or pending to be printed at any given moment. To open it, click on the printer status icon in the upper right-hand corner of the Restaurant Management Dashboard.

1. Where is the data inside the printer queue stored?

The printer queue is stored entirely in our cloud servers. This means if a printer starts malfunctioning, or if your computer restarts, you can pick up your operations in any other device and won't lose any information because nothing is stored locally. It's all in the cloud.

2. How the queue works

If no new orders are arriving in the kitchen, it's probable that the printer queue is blank. However, if you manually print a receipt or if a new order advances to kitchen status, you will be able to see the corresponding print jobs, as shown below:

We can see some columns containing the details about queued print jobs:

  • The Time column shows the local time where a print job was added to the queue.
  • The Order N° displays the order number associated to the print job.
  • The Job Type can be either Kitchen receipt or Delivery receipt.
  • The Status displays if the print job still in Queue, or if it has completed.

You can't queue the same print job for the same order twice.  You will see a floating red error message on the top of the page stating Job is already in queue. The GIF below illustrates this when, for example, we try to print the delivery ticket twice in a row.

duplicate print job queue-1The print job needs to be printed successfully in order to be removed out of the queue. Only then you will be able to add it back again if you need to. 

The queue is not a history of previously printed tickets. As soon as a receipt prints out successfully, it will be removed from the queue.

3. How to delete print jobs from the queue

This can fix rare issues where a print job gets stuck in the queue due to an error, preventing the following tickets from being printed. It's really simple:

  1. Open the Print Queue.
  2. Select the print jobs you want to delete by marking the checkboxes next to them.
  3. On a busy day, use the search bar to quickly find the right order and desired receipt type.
  4. Click on the trash icon in the upper right-hand corner.
  5. Done!