How to Know if Your Printers Are Online and Connected to Dine.Direct

Know the meaning of each color of the printer status icon and learn how to print a test page from

A main feature of Dine.Direct is that printing your order receipts is handled automatically. This means once you log in, your web browser will "talk" directly to your printers, without needing to install drivers or additional software locally in your PC.

Dine.Direct attempts to reach your printers every half a minute to see if they are online and working. So it can take up to 30 seconds for the printer status to get updated after you make any change to your network or to your printers.

Checking the printer status in Dine.Direct

When you're logged into, in the top-right you’ll see the Printer Status icon. It has two possible states:


  1. printer1-1 Normal: when everything’s working perfectly.
  2. printer alert1 Alert: when at least one of your printers is having problems connecting to Dine.Direct. Which one? It's easy to figure out by performing a quick test we describe below.

Printing a test page

In another article, we covered how to print a test page directly from the device. This is necessary to know if the hardware is working correctly.

However, it's equally important to use a test page to know if Dine.Direct can actually communicate with your printers. Follow these steps:

  1. Log into Restaurant Management Dashboard.
  2. Go to Order Management board using the sidebar to the left.
  3. Search for any past order.
  4. Take a look at the icons in the rightmost part of the board.
  5. By clicking on any of these icons, you can print either the kitchen ticket or the delivery receipt for that order.
    • Press this icon to print the kitchen ticket.
    • Press this icon to prinr the delivery receipt.
  6. If any of these icons appear greyed out, this means the corresponding printer is having issues.
    • If you have a two-printer setup, maybe only one printer is having problems, so only one icon will appear greyed out. This is how you can pinpoint which one, in particular, is not working.
    • If you have only one printer, clearly both icons will be greyed out at the same time.

What if the test was unsuccessful?

First of all, don't panic! Our tech support team knows printers can and do smell fear. Please, if you're between rushes, have a look at our articles about printer troubleshooting. Start with this one.

If you need an extra hand ASAP, please reach us via the chat bubble!