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Marketing Reports Insights

Understand how and why marketing reports help you improve your brand

If your restaurant is one of the first 150 restaurants you'll get two marketing reports during your first month with us. 

Reputation manager

This report will show you an overall view of your restaurant's reviews and ratings on the internet. It will provide the following statistics:

  1. Total reviews by star ratings. reviews
  2. Pie charts of Reviews by stars and by source (Google, Yelp, TripAdvisor, Facebook, etc).donut chart
  3. The reviews left by your guests on different dates (last 30 days, a year, all-time)

  4. Chart with all the reviews up to date.
  5. Detailed chart of reviews by source.

All this information is very useful when it comes to improving your restaurant according to your customer's bad or not-so-good experiences. 

Citation tracker 

Search for your business information on the most important citation sites in the selected country. Inaccuracies and incomplete business information are also highlighted.


What's going to show the citation report?

  • Key Citation Score.
  • It also shows you how many sites have your business name, address, zip/postal code, and phone number (correct or incorrect).
  • On which site your restaurant has any mistakes or typos. This will appear in red color. 
  • It’s going to tell you if you have duplicated information.
    You can also have a list of sites that are important for your restaurant to show up on. 

    If there are any mistakes on your site citations, you can fix the information on your own or reach anyone from Dine.Direct Happiness Team to fix this for you.

    Don't forget to find us via chat bubble on the join.dine.direct page or on your Restaurant Management Dashboard.