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Marketplace– From a Restaurant’s Perspective

Marketplace is a great way to keep many restaurants in one site and for consumers to find new restaurants to order from

This can be useful for restaurants that have many locations and want to share one link that contains all those locations and their public sites with their customers.


What are the benefits of using Marketplace for restaurants? 

  • Have online presence without any efforts.   
  • Larger exposure to social media, securing potential traffic for new customers.  
  • New clients, discovering the restaurant by Location. 

  • Restaurants can choose a cause that matches their values if they are into that.  
  • Restaurants can manage the way their branding looks on the Marketplace from their Management Dashboard.  
  • Control on payment: restaurants can choose the percentage they want to spend on advertising, this could be between 6% to 20% of the food order amount. 

  • Clients of restaurants will be able to see which restaurants are Open and which ones are Closed, as well as the ones that are Closing soon. They will be displayed in order of availability.  First, you will see the restaurants that are open, then the ones that are closing soon and last you will see closed restaurants.   
  • Also, customers will be able to see the pickup and delivery times below the restaurant name. This way, they won't have to go to the public site to see if the restaurants are open or not. 


    Here’s how to join Marketplace 

    1. Choose which Marketplace you wish to join, and set it up in your Client settings > More > Marketplace
    2. If you’re a restaurant with multiple locations, sign up by going to this link to create your own Marketplace. Identify which one is the Marketplace to keep the restaurant ID as a reference.
    3. Once the sign-up process is done, you will be able to access to your Restaurant Management Dashboard page to set it up.

    Now let’s set it up!

    To set it up, follow the next steps: 

    1. First, go to your Dashboard
    2. Then, click on Client settings > More > Marketplace. Make sure that the following items are covered: 

    3. Also, make sure to complete the selection relating the nature and usage of the Marketplace:
      1. Portal Network: turn it on if you want to be part of a commercial Marketplace even if you own a restaurant of a single location. 
      2. Brand Portal: turn it on if you want to have your own Marketplace because you’re a chain restaurant and have multiple locations.
      3. Tags: food tags are super important, if someone searches in the search bar "vegan food" for example, all the restaurants with vegan food tags will appear. There are no limitations as to how many tags you can add.  
      4. For pictures: add which dishes you want to display in the carrousel of the Marketplace. You can drag and drop them in a certain order.  That is the order that these pictures will appear in the Marketplace. Once you save these changes, the restaurant's main picture will be from the item that is placed first in the list in the Management Dashboard. 

        5. You’re all set!

        Watch the following video on how to set it up to clear any doubts you may have; 

        Marketplace User ENG-1