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What's the Mobile Management Section and How to Use It

The Mobile Management section will make the Dine.Direct mobile device experience easier to manage on smaller screens

We made a mobile version of Dine.Direct for all of the users that don’t have a laptop or tablet. This simplifies the experience and gives you the ability to navigate the workflow more smoothly and with fewer actions.

How to navigate through it

  1. The main screen of the mobile management page is called the Switchboard. Here you will see your open orders by default.
  2. In the top bar, select the filter you want to apply to see other kinds of orders (open orders, last week's orders, etc):

  3. The status of an order is shown with different icons, here is what they look like:

  4. From the switchboard, you will be able to do two main actions:
    • Swipe left from an order to enter the order's Expo View:

      Expo View
    • Swipe right from any order to enter the order's Kitchen View:
                                             Kitchen View-1                                 

    Using the Expo View

    The Expo View is an overview of the order details:

  • Starting from the top, you will see, in orange letters, the status of the order (Kitchen, Staging, Picked up, etc.). This can be changed manually by simply touching it. When you do that, a pop up will appear and you just need to select the correct stage that the order is in and then hit CONFIRM.
  • Then, on the right side, you'll see the order number. Below that you will see the order's QR code, customer details, the time it will enter the kitchen (Kitchen In), the time it will leave the kitchen (Kitchen out), the Promise Time, and the totals.
  • The promise time is the time that you are promising your customer that their order will be ready. If you need to change this manually, all you have to do is touch the little symbol.
  • A little further down you will see a tab that says Order Info. This is where you will see the name of the customer, whether it is pickup or delivery, how the customer paid and any notes the customer left with the order.
  • The Order Summary shows all of the items ordered by each guest involved in the order as well as the price of the items.
  • Then at the bottom, you will see the subtotal along with taxes and fees and then the Order Total in a big orange bar.
  • Last but not least, on the lower portion of the Expo View, the serving platter icon serving platter-1is a shortcut to update the order status:
    • For orders in the Kitchen, tap it to move them to Ready for Pick up (or Ready for Delivery if it's a delivery order).
    • Once the status changes, the button turns orange (as shown in the screenshot above). Tap it again to close the order.
    • Using the Kitchen View

       From this screen is where the kitchen staff will be able to see and control the order.

      • The Kitchen View has food items, quantities, and customer notes for the restaurant.
      • On the top-right corner, it has a reminder of the Kitchen In and Kitchen Out times.
      • The big orange button at the bottom is what the kitchen staff will need to press to update the order status.
      • In the Kitchen View, there is only one extra button: The refresh buttonrefresh button . next to the customer notes. This can be pressed to refresh the order in case it's wasn't loading properly.

    What's the status sequence of orders

    As the order goes through the kitchen process, the cooks will be able to press the big orange button at the bottom of the kitchen view screen. The button will need to be pressed a total of four times throughout the lifetime of an order. To Kitchen, To Staging, Ready for Pickup, and Picked Up are the names that appear on the orange button as you go along.

    Here is a walkthrough of how this process works:

    • After the order is received, the first button that will be pressed is To Kitchen. Pressing this will send the order into the kitchen so it can be seen by the staff and they can begin cooking it.

    • When the kitchen has finished doing their thing and the food is all cooked and delicious looking, then the button will need to be pressed again. This time the order will be moved to the To Staging phase. This is the part of the process where the order will be getting prepared to go out.

    • When the order is all packed up and ready, the button will need to be pushed again. This button press will send the order into the Ready for Pickup (or Ready for Delivery for delivery-type orders) status. This will let the system know the food is ready and it will alert the customer that they can come to get their food.

    • Once the customer has picked up the food, the final button push will take place, sending the order into the Picked Up phase. This just means the order has been picked up and its cycle is complete.

      • If the order is a delivery and the trip has been completed by one of your couriers, instead of Picked Up you will see Delivered. You can mark it to close that order.

      Remember: There are two ways to change the status of an order: pressing the buttons on the Kitchen View or touching the Status button on the Expo View