What's Your Public Site and How to Navigate Through It

Become familiar with your Public Site and keep track of how every detail you customize will look for your guests

This is the front-facing side of your Dine.Direct’s restaurant profile. It’s where your guests will read through your menu and place orders. In this article, we’ll give you an overview of the structure your Public Site will have.

Where can you access it?

View it any time by logging into your Restaurant Management Dashboard and clicking on Public Site on the sidebar to your left. You can always copy that link to send it to your clients, friends, or acquaintances.

Let the tour begin

When you open the site, you'll see something similar to this page:

  1. At the top, you’ll see your logo, your Avatar with its custom greeting message (Top bar message), and the delivery/pickup tabs. Learn how to change your Avatar messages here. You can also choose an image to have as a cover picture. 

  2. Right below that, you’ll see the Autolocate field, where your client can input their address to verify your restaurant delivery coverage. Next, the Choose delivery (or pickup) time bar where your clients can set the time of their preference using the drop-down list. Under it, you’ll find the estimated time of arrival for their order.

  3. Then you have the menu section:
    • You have different menu categories. Use the drop-down arrows to expand each one and see the individual menu items. 
    • There are two different ways to see the menu pictures. Big pictures or small (the latter is shown in the image below). You can configure which view is going to be the default on Client Settings > General. 

  4. On the top of the menu, you can see the Guest 1 Name and if you scroll down you'll see the Add another guest button. In order to keep the order organized and to know who needs to pay for what, customers are able to add multiple guests and choose which items each of them wants to order. If you click the pencil icon next to where it says Guest Name, you can enter the guest's actual name. It's a way to make it easier to order for groups of people. After clicking the "Add another guest" button, the new division will appear at the top of the menu. If you have a few guests this is how it would look like:

  5. Below that, you will find the Notes for the restaurant field where clients can make additional specifications or indicate allergies. In case it's a delivery order they can also see the Delivery Notes field.

  6. Next, you’ll have the order totalstaxes, and gratuity. There is also a box where the customer can enter a coupon code. To learn more about coupon codes, read this article. After this, you’ll find the customer information fields for delivery or pickup.

  7. As you scroll down, you’ll see a floating banner to view your cart and proceed to check out. Your customers will use it when they’re ready to place their order!

  8. If the order you’re placing has a menu item with mods, you can select as many as you want to make your order the perfect fit for you.  However, if you miss that step and you don’t select the number of mods needed for an item, an alert icon  will show up next to the food item and also next to the mod you need to select.  
  9. The last section in the public site is where the customer will enter their payment info. This box is connected to Stripe (the payment processor that we work with). In order to learn more about Stripe, read this article.

  10. When the order is placed and the payment goes through, the customer will see this screen. It has the order number, the restaurant's avatar, and a "chat with me" button which gives the customer an opportunity to reach out to the restaurant in case they need anything. (It is possible to deactivate the chat button).

Delivery order:

Pick up order:
pick up order map
Your customers can click on the open map button to see your restaurant's address directly in Google Maps.

We hope you've found this tour useful! Remember, in order to see all these sections populated and with beautiful food pics, you need to set up your menu and customize your avatar! Take a look at the rest of our Knowledge Base for further info and please, contact us if you need assistance!

Great! I bet your menu is looking pretty nice now. Let's get to see in detail how the order process goes