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How to Manage Orders

Be in control of your day-to-day workflow with the order management tools available in your arsenal

Log in to your Restaurant Management Dashboard. Go to Order Management, located on the sidebar to the left.   

1. Inside this section, you'll see the main order management board. Each order is separated by rows, while each column contains different details about an order.

                    order management may 21                   

2. Near the top, you'll find order filters where you can sort your orders according to these criteria:

    • Open orders: All open orders, including future orders that might be days away from delivery.
    • Current orders: All orders that are both open and should be in the kitchen by now.
    • Today's Orders: Open and closed orders you have received during the current day.
    • Last week’s orders: Open and closed orders you've got in the last seven days,

If you want to find orders that are more than a week old, you need to go to the Reports tab on the left sidebar. Then choose Sales Per Day and search there! You can select time intervals and a breakdown of older orders will load.

3. Now let's talk about the extra buttons:

order management buttons

    • A dropdown list to filter your orders by status.
    • A search box to find any specific order from the last week max. 
    • End of Shift Report button to print a sales summary of the day, a few days, a week, or any time range you choose. 

      range for end of shift report       
    • Use the Pause button to give your kitchen a break when reaching full capacity, or in case of any emergencies. A guest can still place their order on the public site but the delivery time will be affected by the selection you make by adding an extra 15, 30, 45, or 60 minutes to the order Promised Time.
    • Use the Emergency stop button when you want to stop incoming orders indefinitely. Don't forget to press Start whenever you want to return to your usual schedule.

      pause button
    • The Phone order button is a shortcut to send a link to the online menu to your customers. If someone calls and wants to order you'd have to ask them to do it online, with the link you'll text them as soon as you hang up.

      phone order-1 

4. All placed orders will appear on the board. You can update the status manually by clicking on the blue button under the Status column.
 click anywhere

One of the statuses available is Canceled. In case you need to cancel an order refer to this article.

Click anywhere along a row to view that order's details. You will find the customer and order details right there, plus the QR code that will be printed in the receipts. Manually change the promised time if needed and a message will be automatically sent to let your guest know.

              order details 2.0

5. Back on the order management board, you will see three specific times:


  • Kitchen In: the time where the order will be pushed into the kitchen.
  • Kitchen Out: this is when the order is estimated to go out of the kitchen. This value will not change regardless of delays.
  • Promised Time: An estimate of when the order will reach the customer's hands. It's communicated to the customer via SMS when they place their order. It's also a static value, so if your kitchen is having significant delays or if the delivery is late, you'd need to notify your guest and manually edit the promised time.

6. You will find a series of icons in the Actions column, in the rightmost part of the board.


From left to right:                                                 

  • 1-1Pickup icon. It will be displayed for all pickup-type orders. At first, it will be greyed out, but it will change to a blue color accompanied by a ringing bell sound alert when your customer texts they're at the door.
  • 2-1Click to schedule a delivery driver. This icon will appear for all delivery-type orders. You can either schedule a 3rd-party courier if you're using a 3rd party delivery integration, or you can also select your in-house drivers. This icon changes according to the current status of the delivery. 
  • 3 - CopyPrint kitchen receipt. Click to print a new kitchen ticket. If it’s grayed out, means the printer might be turned off. You can refer to printer troubleshooting if.
  • 3 - Copy (2)Print delivery receipt. Click to print a new order receipt. You can refer to printer troubleshooting to fix any unwanted gray-outs. 
  • Screenshot_2020-09-02 Dine DirectAssign driver. Click on it If you have in-house drivers and previously added them to your platform (see this article for further info). 

Pretty easy, right? Now, you've come a long way if you read until this point. In case you need any help understanding any part of the system better, don't hesitate to contact us via chat bubble, email (support@dine.direct), or call us at 775-580-3200.

If you're ready for more, go to this next article to learn how to add your own drivers.