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Pick Up Experience and Management

What happens when an order is set for pickup?

In order to pick up an order, follow these steps:

  1. On the Public Site (you can find this on the left side menu on your Restaurant Management Dashboard):

  2. Select the PICK UP icon in the menu and choose the time you want to pick up the order from the dropdown list.pick up on menu
  3. Select the items you want.
  4. Provide payment information.
  5. Choose the means of transportation in which you will pick up the order and fill in the information.
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How to add discounts for pick up orders? 

When guests go to the Public Site of a restaurant and select Pick up as their order type, you can choose to offer them a discount applied to the order total: 


To set up a discount, follow these steps: 

  1. Access to your Restaurant Management Dashboard, go to Client settings located at the sidebar to the left, then click on more à Restaurant info. 


  2. Near the bottom-right, there's the new Pickup discount input box, where you can enter any percentage between 0 and 100%. Then click Save Details button and refresh the Easy Order site for these changes to take effect. 


    + Now, if you want to see the pickup orders you must log in to your Restaurant Management Dashboard and click on Order Management in the left sidebar.

    + You will receive a confirmation message from your Avatar. You can set this up on the Messages & Graphics tab