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Postmates DaaS fees and pricing

Pricing and Gratuity

  • Signup is free.
  • Pricing is based on a minimum + per mile rate (distance from pickup location to dropoff location). See the updated Fee Table (updated Jan 5th 2021):
  • This means that, for example, if you're in San Diego, CA, depending on how large your radius of coverage is (yes. you will be able to set this mile radius yourself), you'll have:
    • Total fee for a 1-mile or less radius delivery: $6.40
    • Total fee for a 2-mile radius delivery: $8.30
    • Total fee for a 3-mile radius delivery: $10.20
  • You are charged only when the delivery is completed. It's entirely on-demand.
  • Payment goes through a card you will link to your Postmates Partner account.
  • With Dine.Direct, the restaurant keeps the gratuity.
  • More information: Postmates Pricing Policy (link to Postmates website)

Dine.Direct helps you cover the cost of Postmates delivery by adding a fee on our Fees & Gratuities section. Go to this article to learn more about how to do this.