Postmates Doesn't Allow You to Schedule a Delivery For a Delayed Order - Quick Fix

If an order is coming out of the kitchen with delay and Postmates is not allowing to manually schedule a delivery, here's how to fix it

Pro tip: If you are scheduling Postmates deliveries manually for each order, always do it as soon as new orders pop up in your Order Management board!

Let's say an order is a few minutes late and you forgot to schedule a Postmates. You try to do it now but it doesn't work! This happens because the current Promise Time might be too tight to be accomplished! The solution is changing the Promise Time of the order. See the steps:

  1. Go to this article to learn how to manually change the Promise Time.
  2. The new Promise Time should be around 40 minutes after the original time.

Don't forget to call or send an SMS to your customer to let them know their order is delayed!