How to Troubleshoot Any Printer - Start Here!

Error lights, paper jams, installing paper, checking printer status in Dine.Direct and more! Buckle up!

Currently, Dine.Direct works with Epson® ePOS printers to manage your restaurant’s workflow. If you need help with the initial setup, please refer to our detailed article: Printer Setup

Don’t worry, any tickets waiting to be printed and incoming orders are stored in your print queue on the cloud. Restarting your printers or your computer won’t disrupt your workflow.

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  3. Epson TM-T88VI basic troubleshooting (go to article)
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  5. How to factory reset your printers (go to article)
  6. Official Epson printer support website (user manuals and more)

Troubleshooting steps for all Dine.Direct-compatible printers

Remember to refresh your browser after completing any step! The printers connect to Dine.Direct through your web browser, so any actions you take like resetting the printer or deleting browser cookies, require hitting that refresh button!

Q: Printer is not printing and the panel buttons are not working

A: Check the power cable

Take a look at the printer’s physical control panel and check the LED lights. If you see no lights at all, reseat the AC power cable on both ends (printer and wall socket). Refresh your browser after reconnecting any cables.


Q: Printout is completely blank

A: Check if roll paper is correctly installed.

If the paper is installed in the wrong direction, it can cause tickets to print completely blank. Learn how to correctly install roll paper in the following articles:

    1. If you own an Epson TM-m30ii-NT, go here.
    2. If you own an Epson TM-T88VI, go here.

Q: The printer is powered on but it's not printing orders

A: Follow the next steps

  1. Check your internet connection.
    1. If you are having problems connecting your tablet to your wifi network, refer to this article for more info.
    2. If your internet is OK, keep reading.
  2. Try printing a test page manually. Quickly go here and read the section called Printing a test page.
    1. If the test page printed out successfully, then we can narrow down the problem being related to automatic printing.
    2. If the test page did not print out, continue with the next steps.
  3. Delete your browser Cookies. Go here to find instructions specific to your web browser
  4. Check the network cables or USB wireless dongle, whichever it applies to your setup. Make sure the Ethernet cable or the dongle is well connected to the back of the printer. In the case of the cable, make sure it is also plugged in snuggly to the other end (usually a router).
  5. Check for errors on the printer panel. Check the LED lights on the control panel of the printer:
    1. If you see weird light patterns, take a look at the following articles, under the Error lights section:

      1. If you own an Epson TM-m30ii-NT, go here.
      2. If you own an Epson TM-T88VI, go here.
    2. If lights are OK, keep following the next steps.
  6. Locate the power switch on the offending printer, turn it off (switch in the “O” position), wait for a minimum of 10 seconds (as advised by the manufacturer), and turn it back on (“—“ position). Refresh your browser afterward.
  7. Please, contact us if the problem persists.

    Q: How to clear jammed paper

    A: If you're in a paper jam situation, refer to the relevant section in the following articles:

    1. If you own an Epson TM-m30-NT, go here.
    2. If you own an Epson TM-T88VI, go here.

    Q: Tickets are being printed with bad quality, sometimes with white bands, stains or faint ink

    A: It's probably a dirty thermal head

    Since these Epson printers do not use Ink cartridges, the reason for bad print quality is likely a dirty thermal head. Go here to learn how to clean it.

    Official Epson support website

    If you need to refer to Epson's official documentation, please take a look at the following links depending on the model you own.


    Printers still angry and not working? We'll tame them

    If you need additional help, please contact our hardware support team using the chat bubble or email. We will domesticate those printers as fast as we can.