When Can Epson POS Printers Go Offline?

If the printer status icon suddenly shows an alert, these might be a few reasons why your printers are offline

It can take up to 30 seconds for the printer status to fully update itself after applying a fix or changing any settings on a printer.

The Epson POS printers are always online and ready for normal printing unless there is a reason to go offline.

Reasons to go offline

  • While the printer is powering on or off.
  • The printer is disconnected from power.
  • During a self-test. This includes: printing a network status sheet, resetting the printer to default settings, or while changing the printer settings.
  • While roll paper is fed using the Feed button .
  • When the printer stops printing due to a paper end.
  • During an operation standby state.
  • While the roll paper cover is open.
  • When an error has occurred. See the Error lights section in the following articles to know which error can be causing the offline status:
    • Go here if you own Epson TM-T20 or T20ii
    • Go here if you own Epson TM-m30, m30ii or m30ii-NT