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Rebranding: Change Your Restaurant Logo and More

If you're unsatisfied with your restaurant's logo or your brand's image, Dine.Direct offers you a chance to do a rebranding

Rebranding is a term used in the marketing world when a brand wants to create a new identity, different from the previous one, whose purpose is to reposition the brand or company to resurface on the market. Rebranding can consist of changing some of the typography, the designs, or even how the restaurant is managed.

There are several reasons you might want to consider doing this for your restaurant. 

  1. If your restaurant has been on a bad streak, due to the loss of revenues because of the pandemic, or whatever reasons, you might want to consider doing a rebranding. This way you can change how your potential customers relate to your restaurant.
  2. If you started with some ideas that didn't work out as you expected, then it's time to make some changes. Even when your restaurant is successful you might want to try new strategies to reach some new customers, stay unique, and break some language/geographical barriers.
  3. If your restaurant's image started as something relatable at the time but now it doesn't seem to be the same. Times change, what was trending before changes pretty fast. It's not about being popular but more about continuing to be relevant to your clientele. 
  4. If your competitors are looking very similar to your brand, it can be a good time to do a rebranding to accentuate the singularity of your restaurant. You have something special to offer and you need to embrace it, that's what your customers love about your brand. 
  5. If you've had a negative image related to your brand, maybe bad reviews related to third party vendors. You can start fresh and rebrand your restaurant.

Rebranding for small businesses

For small businesses or restaurants, rebranding is a bit different than with big companies. Instead of facing the high cost of changing the image of multiple locations, or existing materials, small businesses have the advantage of time and fast mobility to apply changes. The first impression a professional brand design makes can out-weight the weak brand recognition to existing clients. 

Of course, small restaurants can experience growth without rebranding. But when entering a new and aggressive market (a.k.a delivery and online-based service) it might be a good idea to consider and take advantage of the tools Design professionals can provide.


Small changes (such as only changing the logo) have the lowest impact. Rebranding can include changing other elements such as the name, the logo, the legal name, and the corporate identity (including visual identity and verbal identity). 

If you're interested in doing a rebranding, our Design Team can help you fulfill the vision you have for your brand. As usual, contact us via chat bubble or email.

Some examples of rebranding you can recognize (not done by Dine.Direct):